About Us

McDermid Corporations is a family owned and operated company based in Oconto Falls, WI. The company was founded in 1975 as a Sole Proprietorship under the name of McDermid Trucking.

Over time it has evolved into five individual corporations, Transportation in 1992, Sales & Service in 1995, Freight Service in 1996, Warehousing in 2001 and McDermid Corporations as the main holding company in 2017. Our dealership, McDermid Truck Sales LLC., was formed in 2010. While each company is unique, there is synergy amongst all of them.

McDermid Transportation Inc. is a midsize trucking company that employs company drivers as well as owner operators. We haul within the 48 contiguous United States except for New York City and its Burroughs. We haul refrigerated and dry freight. Our fleet consists of mostly late model Kenworth and Peterbilt tractors and late model Great Dane & Utility Van and Reefer trailers.

McDermid Sales & Service Inc. is our maintenance facility. It is a full service heavy duty truck and trailer repair shop. While they mainly service McDermid Transportation’s vehicles they also welcome outside vehicles.

McDermid Freight Service Inc. is our brokerage division. Any excess customer freight, is given to Freight Service to be brokered.

McDermid Warehousing Inc. has three non-refrigerated warehouse facilities in excess of 320,000 square feet all located within Oconto Falls, WI. They are equipped to handle general commodities including food grade products, roll paper, electronics and much more. Rail access is also available.

McDermid Truck Sales LLC is our dealership that buys and sells trucks and trailers for McDermid Transportation as well as for outside customers.

All divisions of McDermid Corporations are dedicated to providing the best quality service and reliability to our customers.


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